NXT superstars, Boys & Girls Club team up to knock out bullying

Stamford-based WWE teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club for an anti-bullying event ahead of NXT TakeOver XXV in Bridgeport.
A few of the NXT superstars visited the Wakeman Boys and Girls Club in Bridgeport as part of the WWE's "Be a STAR program." The bullying prevention program encourage people to treat others as equals and with respect.
The superstars say it's important for kids to learn to be themselves and be a good person.
"I may be the NXT champion now, but I was just a little 8-year-old kid who struggled being bullied his entire life," said NXT Champion Johnny Gargano. "I was a chubby kid growing up so now to be able to come here and kind of a different avenue in a different way kind of share my story and kind of show them there is light at the tunnel, there is different ways to handle bullying, and at the end of the day honestly everything works out."
NXT TakeOver XXV will be live on the WWE Network from the Webster Bank Arena tomorrow night.