Officials: 1 person dead, 1 injured after car plunges into Five Mile River in Darien

Police say one person has died and another was hospitalized after the car they were traveling in plunged into the Five Mile River in Darien.
According to police, a late model Nissan Rogue was traveling eastbound near the intersection of Tokeneke and Five Mile River roads around midnight Friday when it struck a fence and plunged into the river where it meets the Long Island Sound.
Officers found the vehicle fully submerged in the near freezing water.
One victim was found floating face down in the outgoing current, approximately 100 yards from the accident scene.
Police say two Darien officers jumped into the water and brought the person to a nearby private dock and immediately initiated lifesaving resuscitation efforts.
"This section of Five Mile River is where it meets Long Island Sound, so it is tidal. At the time of the incident, we were experiencing an outgoing tide. As far as jumping into frigid waters in the middle of the night with low-light conditions, we don't train for that. Clearly these officers did what they needed to do," says Darien Police Capt. Jeremiah Marron.
Their condition is not known.
A second victim was recovered from the submerged vehicle and taken to a nearby hospital.
Police say they were later pronounced deceased at the hospital.
Neighbors say this is the not the first time a car has driven into this stretch of the river.
"This is the second one in a year in the river. There was another accident a few months ago, our neighbors were telling us about it as well, the same situation," says Sarah Baxley.
Police have not identified those involved or said what caused the car to veer off the road.
Two police officers were hospitalized from exposure to the freezing water.
Police said their injuries are not life-threatening.