Officials: Photo appears to show unregistered person distributing Bridgeport absentee ballots

Secretary of the State Stephanie Thomas said on Friday she wants election regulators to investigate a photo which appears to show an unregistered person distributing absentee ballot applications just days before the Bridgeport mayoral primary.
Thomas says once an election monitor learned of this, it was brought to the attention of her office.
"The monitors have been looking for trends that might be problematic, and making some spot check calls. Just to make sure, you know, we're not harassing voters," says Thomas.
In addition to filing a complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission, Thomas' office also sent a notice to both campaigns about the requirements for absentee ballot application circulators.
A judge ordered a new Democratic primary after surveillance footage showed Mayor Joe Ganim's supporters stuffing absentee ballot boxes.
Voters will head to the polls on Tuesday for a third time.