Often overlooked Appalachian Trail calls 52 miles of Connecticut home

What do Sherman, Kent, and Salisbury, Connecticut all have in common? They all have entry points to the Connecticut portion of the Appalachian Trail.
Naturalist Mark Fowler has hiked the entire 52-mile stretch, and he met up with News 12 Photojournalist Lori Golias to share some of the treasures this hidden gem holds.
Fowler says it's often overlooked, but the Appalachian mountains go through Northern Connecticut, and not many people know that.
The ridge line start in Sherman and runs all the way to Salisbury making a 52-mile section of the Connecticut Appalachian trail.
Fowler says the mountains aren't really promoted well in the state and that there's very little signage notifying people that they are here, but they are.
Fowler says once you seek out the 52-mile trail, it's not that hard to get to.
The trail crosses a lot of roads, and there's areas you can enter.
The adventure starts with the Appalachian Trail the second you step on the trail, he says.
"The minute you get in there you're away from modern world you're back in nature," Fowler says.
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