Old Saint Nick makes final toy run at 'Santa's Last Stop' in Bridgeport

The East End Community Council held their annual toy drive "Santa's Last Stop" on Stratford Avenue in Bridgeport Saturday.
Organizers thanked the community for making the giveaway possible.
They said it's worth all the effort when you see the happy faces of kids on Christmas Day.
"We let the kids come in, walk around the table, get what they want — and we have the parent stand at the other door to make sure the kids enjoy their Christmas, and they are able to get what they want," Keith Williams of Santa's Last Stop said.
"Anytime you can bring a smile to somebody's face after what we've lived through, and what we're going through, it's a great thing," Bridgeport City Councilman Ernie Newton said.
The East End Community Council celebrated the event's 20th anniversary today.