On The Scene: Exciting month for Broadway! 16 shows to open by April 28

Several new plays and musicals are opening each week in April, which should make for an exciting month on Broadway.
When the stars checked into "Plaza Suite" for the comedy's opening night red carpet Monday, it was the kind of scene we'll see again and again the next few weeks.
"There is an explosion of shows opening," says actor Erin Dilly. "A year ago, there were not. Two years ago, there were not."
Dilly gets emotional just thinking about all the new productions welcoming audiences. Over the next month, there are a staggering number of Broadway musicals and plays opening. Sixteen more Broadway shows will open by April 28, the deadline to be eligible for the Tony Awards.
"I'm just so grateful that there are so many shows opening and I'm so grateful that people are going," says actor Victor Garber.
It will be the most active time for productions to open since the pandemic shut down New York theatre over two years ago, and performers are looking forward to checking out a show.
"I'm very new to the culture so just to be able to see shows that are different from mine and bring a different energy is what I live for," says Myles Frost, who plays Michael Jackson in “MJ.”
All the new shows opening comes just as Spring tourism traditionally picks up, helping to fill the Broadway seats.
The shows opening has a big impact not only on Broadway, but on New York's economic recovery.
Before the pandemic, Broadway added nearly $15 billion a year to the city's economy and ticket sales, and 2019, its last full year of performances -- grossed $1.7 billion.