On the Scene: ‘Six’ features the six wives of King Henry VIII. We hear from one of its stars.

One of Broadway's most acclaimed shows since reopening is the musical "Six", which is about the six wives of King Henry VIII.
The show is reimagined as a pop group, with each wife getting their moment in the spotlight. Brittney Mack plays wife number four, Anne of Cleves.
"All six wives telling their, reclaiming and telling their stories from their side, from their perspective,” says Mack. “In a competition style way.”
A competition for who had it the worst, as in "divorced, beheaded, died."
The comedy, conceived by British writers Lucy Moss and Toby Marlow, became a hit in the U.K., then in 2019 a U.S. tour when Mack joined the cast.
"All of a sudden there was this kind of awareness from the creative team, the British creative team, saying hey, so here's something we'll add to the process,” says Mack. “We're going to make sure the language and the dialogue in which you speak is tangible for American audiences.”
"Six " is performed at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre and tickets are currently on sale through Sept. 4.