Orange theater to close after nearly 40 years

A local theater will close its doors for good next week after being in business for almost 40 years.
Showcase Cinemas, located at 100 Marsh Hill Rd., opened in 1969 when movie tickets cost around $1.50. Today, tickets go for more than $10, and theater employees say they?re just not making enough money to remain open.
Just days before its final show, the theater is celebrating Oscar night by showing some of this year?s nominated films. When the theater opened, the Best Picture winner was ?Midnight Cowboy.? On Sunday, moviegoers flocked to the theater to see some of this year?s potential Best Picture winners, including ?No Country for Old Men? and ?There Will Be Blood.?
Many locals say they were surprised to see a sign announcing the theater?s closing. They say they will miss the theater and the memories that were created inside.
?The movies were big with everyone, and I took my children not every week, but maybe every other week,? Orange resident Gail Mason says.
Showcase?s parent company, National Amusements, says it will make every effort to place the theater?s 37 employees at other theaters. For those who have movie passes or gift cards, the company says the West Connecticut Post Mall theater and the Showcase Cinemas in North Haven will be accepting them.