Owner: Norwalk eatery targeted twice in two weeks

A smashed glass door at a Norwalk eatery lead to an early police investigation Wednesday but it wasn’t the first time police were called out to the business.
The incident happened after 4 a.m. at the Dairy King at 169 Main street.
The owner of the business was on scene and says this is the second time in two week his business has attempted to be broken into. On March 12, the owner says someone broke into his business through a vent but didn't take anything. 
The father and son owned business has operated in Norwalk for 43-years. 
The owner says he has never experienced any break-ins or attempted break-ins until the past two weeks. 
He says he does not believe anything was taken and so far police agree.
Police believe a rock was likely used to smash the glass door.  
Police are working to gather more information during the investigation.