Pain eased for alleged victim of headstone scam

One of the victims of an alleged headstone scam by a Bridgeport monument company has been given some peace of mind from a fellow memorial crafter.
Lakeview Monument?s owner Richard Miron is being investigated for allegedly taking $50,000 from clients without service. The Connecticut attorney general says more than 60 people put down large deposits for headstones they never received from Lakeview Monument.
Verna Kearney, a victim of the alleged scam, hired Willow Monument Works to step in and finish a specialized tombstone for her deceased husband featuring their wedding photograph. Willow Monument Works was able to finish the piece Kearney had waited more than a year for in less than a week.
The attorney general says his investigation should be wrapped up in the next few weeks. Kearny has also filed a police report to see if criminal charges can be brought against Lakeview Monument.
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