Parents in Darien outraged over civics lesson about left vs. right

Controversy over a quiz given to students in Darien about left vs. right took center stage at a Board of Education meeting Tuesday.
A group of parents had their voices heard at the meeting about an 11th grade lesson plan that involved students choosing answers based on how they lean politically.
Some parents tell News 12 that even if much of the country is split into red and blue, they don't want their kids to feel divided by politics in school.
Many parents had to wait outside the meeting because of the pandemic but did so to show solidarity.
"We are going to need to make some changes and we feel strongly about it," says Nicole Lyons, of Darien.
Lori Olson, of the Council of Darien School Parents, says the questions are not being asked and people are not listening to each other so it's creating a lot of misinformation.
One parent says her daughter came home from school upset and confused.
The superintendent tells News 12 teachers are allowed to choose classroom materials but he's open to eliminating things that offend people.
Parents say their concerns go beyond this one lesson, and they want to have more oversight over a curriculum some believe is becoming more politicized.