Parents keep watch after current claims girl

Bronx parents kept a close eye on their children Sunday at Orchard Beach after a teenager vanished while swimming in Queens.
The Coast Guard suspended its search for the 16-year-old girl around 8:10 p.m. Saturday. Police said they would continue to search for the girl, who was apparently swept away by a strong current while swimming with friends at Rockaway Beach.
Another teenager was rescued from the water and is hospitalized in stable condition.The incident left Orchard Beach patrons, especially parents of small children, uneasy. "Even though there's lifeguards, I don't let her stay by herself," said Juan Carlos Zuberbuhler.
Riptides, which are actually currents that oppose each other, creating rough waters, can sweep people out.
Experts advise swimmers to not rely on flotation devices for their safety, not to drink and to know their limits when it comes to evaluating water conditions.