Phoenix Society looks to be cultural bridge between Asian communities and FDNY

As Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month continues, one local organization's mission is to be the cultural bridge between the city's fire department, its employees and the Asian communities throughout New York.
President of the FDNY Phoenix Society Benjamin Chou says ever since he was a young boy, he wanted to be a firefighter.
He's proud to be the first city firefighter in his family. As the department's Asian community outreach coordinator, he hopes more youth will choose to become part of the FDNY family.
Chou also heads the FDNY's Phoenix Society, a nonprofit that represents Asians and Pacific Islanders who work within the New York City Fire Department. Chou says Asians currently make up about 2% of the FDNY and wants to see that drastically increase throughout recruitment and other city incentives.
Paramedic Lt. Randy Lee says it has been a rewarding career choice for him especially when he able to serve his community during emergency situations.
Chou says The Phoenix Society has a number of upcoming cultural activities for members of the city's bravest.