Man on his sixth 100-mile trek has raised $140,000 for those with Alzheimer’s

A Plainview man wants to help those battling Alzheimer's and dementia with an 100-mile run.
Jay Asparro started his trek Saturday morning in Montauk and says that every step he takes, he's thinking about his grandmother Ann Asparro, who suffered from Alzheimer's, and all of the caregivers who tirelessly help those suffering from the crippling disease.
It's the sixth time Asparro has run in memory of his grandmother and has raised over $140,000 for the Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center in Westbury, where he will end his run.
Asparro says his grandmother was a big influence on his life and his father says he couldn't be more proud of his son.
Asparro says this run takes a toll on his body, but he'll keep doing it to help those who are suffering.
For more information, check out 2021 Ann Asparro Run and the Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center.