Police: Argument at a Bridgeport fast-food restaurant leads to stabbing

An argument at a fast-food restaurant in Bridgeport led to the stabbing of a 32-year-old woman, police say.
Rakeeda King says she was stabbed multiple times in the head and back Sunday night at Main Port Fish and Chips on North Avenue. King says she confronted two people for cutting her in line and that's when they became angry.
Police say 29-year-old Kenny Guzman-Martinez held King down while 30-year-old Guadalupe Martinez-Trejo stabbed her repeatedly. Police say both were arrested and charged with assault.
"Anybody could be out at a store ordering chicken and saying, 'Hey you cut me in line,'" says King. "Anybody else would say, 'OK, I'm sorry you can go next,' not stab you and attack you."
Bridgeport Police Chief AJ Perez says the attack could easily have resulted in more serious injuries. He says it's scary to think that such a trivial disagreement escalated the way it did.
"You're going to pull out a knife and you're going to stab another person, stab a human being, over -- over nothing," says Perez.
King says she has video of the moments after the attack showing how witnesses were slow to call for help.