Police arrest 14 in raid that turned up drugs, guns

Authorities arrested 14 men and women Wednesday morning in a raid they say turned up drugs and guns.
Police and FBI agents busted into four apartments at 1269 Grand Concourse early in the morning. According to investigators, the drug ring was involved was part of an international, organized gang.
FBI agents were seen carrying bags of evidence out of the apartments. Police say that not everyone involved in the drug ring was arrested. They believe that there are 19 criminals who live in the Grand Concourse building, and only 14 of them were arrested. Another four criminals reside in other areas of the Bronx, according to investigators.
Some people living in the building still describe the area as safe. ?Everybody in this building gets along,? resident Lisa Pina says, adding that she feels the building residents are all like family to one another.
On the contrary, Michelle Garcia says she?s happy the raid occurred. ?They need to do this more often ? like almost every day they need to do this,? she says.
Charges against the 14 people are still pending.