Huntington Station man arraigned in stalking of 14-year-old girl

A Huntington Station man was arraigned in court Friday for allegedly stalking a teenage girl on several occasions.
Police say 56-year-old George Letellier was arrested Thursday on a charge of stalking and endangering the welfare of a child.
They say on several occasions, Letellier followed and tried to talk to a 14-year-old girl.
In one instance, authorities say the teen told police in October that when she was walking her dog, a man in a gray Jeep pulled up and tried to talk to her.
According to court documents, the teen reported seeing the gray Jeep following her a few more times around Huntington Station and the driver, who she identified as Letellier, typically tried to talk to her.
Officials say another alleged incident with Letellier happened outside the South Huntington Public Library. The victim reported that he approached her near the bike racks, tried to talk to her and blocked her path, but then eventually let her move on.
Letellier's attorney says his client is surprised at the allegations. “He has entered a plea of not guilty, he vehemently denies the allegations, and he's confident that as the case unfolds, his innocence will be established,” says attorney James Orlando.

At the arraignment, the judge ordered Letellier to stay away from the 14-year-old victim and issued a $1,500 bond. Letellier will be back in court next week.