Police: 'KILL BOB' sign found outside Republican HQ not directed towards Bob Stefanowski

A crude cardboard cutout with the words 'KILL BOB' duct taped on it is not directed at gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski and instead is used by a local karate studio where children strike a practice dummy named 'BOB', according to police.
Police say a threatening message referencing Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski was found outside the Greenwich republican campaign office today and was even confirmed by Stefanowski's campaign.
Bob Stefanowski's campaign 
However, police say they made an 'unfortunate mistake' and later learned the sign belonged to a karate studio nearby and was made by children in the class who practice their strikes on a dummy named ‘Bob.’
Police released a statement saying, "the issue with the sign has been resolved. The sign had nothing to do with any candidate for office or any other person. There is a martial arts studio next door to the Greenwich RTC. The classes use a practice dummy the children in the class named “Bob”. The sign, created by the children in the class, was posted on the fence for the students to see when they are in class practicing."
Stefanowski's campaign manager says the candidate was not at the headquarters at the time of the sign's discovery and that he was 'OK.'
"This was an unfortunate misunderstanding and not done with malice toward any person," police say.