Police: Milford homicide victim had protective, restraining orders against suspect

Police say suspected murderer Ewen Dewitt had a history of violence with his victim, Julie Minogue, who had a full no contact restraining order against him.
Detectives say they received a call around 9 p.m. Tuesday from Minogue's 17-year-old child stating that his mother was being assaulted by a man inside their home. Investigators found Minogue laying in a pool of blood with an ax nearby.  According to police, Minogue's son had been sleeping in his room upstairs and heard what sounded like yelling. They say he came downstairs, found his mother on the kitchen floor, and Dewitt nearby holding an ax.
Investigators say Dewitt and Minogue were in a prior relationship and that Dewitt was arrested in November 2019 for assaulting Minogue. A protective order was issued at that time by the court.
Police also say Minogue was granted a full no contact restraining order against Dewitt following a complaint on Dec. 1, 2022 that he sent her harassing text messages.
Dewitt is charged with murder, criminal violation of a protective order, criminal violation of a restraining order, risk of injury, and reckless endangerment.
According to his arrest warrant, police say Dewitt's mother called them following the crime stating DeWitt called and told her that he just killed his girlfriend.
Police say Dewitt left the scene following the homicide. They say he was visiting a bar in West Haven and was found by police in a food truck.
Dewitt was arraigned in Milford court Wednesday and is being held on a $5 million bond.