Police: Man arrested after trying to lure juvenile

A 13-year-old was walking home Tuesday night, when a strange man tried to lure her into his car, according to officials.
While investigators say Angel Jimenez-Barzallo, 32, has since been arrested and charged, they say he told them he was only asking the girl for directions to the train station.
News 12 is told the young girl was walking home on Chestnut Street in Norwalk when Jimenez-Barzallo allegedly offered her a ride home.
Sgt. David Orr says that while he did not try to pull her into the car, he did make contact with her by holding her wrist.
Orr says that a police officer coincidentally came driving down the road and noticed the juvenile female seemed frightened. News 12 is told the police officer than pulled up behind the suspicious vehicle, which proceeded a short distance but came to a stop moments later.
Investigators say Jimenez-Barzallo has lived in the city for more than five years.