Police: Man car-jacks cab, robs BX woman

Police are searching for a man who allegedly car-jacked a livery cab near the Cross Bronx Expressway and then robbed a woman Monday night.
Authorities say the first attack happened at around 11 p.m., when a livery taxi driver was dropping off a passenger at 174th Street and Carter Avenue.
Police say the suspect hit the taxi driver over the head with a heavy object and sped off in the beige ?99 Lincoln livery cab.
According to police, the suspect?s next stop was Davison Avenue, where he found his second target - a woman on a late-night shopping trip.
The father of the 27-year-old victim says his daughter was getting out bags of groceries when the man seized her, threw her down and stole her cellular phone before fleeing.
The woman?s father says his daughter was shaken by the incident, but she was well enough to go to work Tuesday morning.
Police say no arrests have been made so far, and the livery cab has not been recovered.