Police: Man dressed in full camo arrested in Norwalk with an airsoft gun resembling AK-47

A man dressed in full camouflage clothing was arrested in Norwalk with an airsoft gun that resembled an AK-47 assault rifle, authorities say.
Police say they arrested Brandon Wagshol, known for his “extensive and violent history," after he was found lying down in public next to an airsoft gun on Thursday morning. 
Wagshol was previously arrested in 2019 and had showed interest in mass shootings but was released on bond.
Wagshol is charged with breach of peace, carrying a dangerous weapon and illegal use of a facsimile firearm.
Police say Wagshol was on a bike path near Lynes Place.
He is currently on probation and can't possess firearms.
Wagshol is being held on a $500,000 bond.