Milford police search for 2 suspects they say burglarized 4 businesses

Milford police are looking for two suspects who they say broke into several businesses early Friday morning on or near Boston Post Road.
One of those businesses gave News 12 Connecticut surveillance video showing the whole thing at 5:59 a.m. Friday.
"They smashed the door, they went inside. There was change money in the register," said Isik Yildiz, owner of Puff City Smoke Shop.
Two hooded suspects broke the glass door at Puff City Smoke Shop on Boston Post Road in Milford. They took whatever they could and quickly left.
"Forty seconds. It's not even enough time for an alarm company to call the police and them to come down here," said Yildiz.
Police say they believe the same two suspects also hit three other locations in Milford Friday morning.
Puff City's owner says his store in Shelton was just burglarized two weeks ago.
"We have to enforce stronger laws to make sure these kids don't do this again. Kids, adults, doesn't matter who it is.  But what do I have to do to stop these kids? Should I have to put bars on my windows?" said Yildiz.
"They did the same thing to the barbershop I work at," said Jimmy Ferrara at Rocky's Barber Shop right next door.
Ferrera says two years ago suspects broke their glass door and took whatever they could find.
"Everybody's hardworking. Nobody deserves this to happen to their business," said Ferrara.
The owner of Puff City Smoke says he's not sure yet what was taken, but he now has to spend the day getting his business back up and running.
"They're going to come back, and they're going to take whatever they can take for free because they know they can get away with it," said Yildiz.
Police also responded to burglaries at KS Mart on Naugatuck Avenue, Viola Wine & Liquor Store on Bridgeport Avenue and Fairway Liquor Mart on Bridgeport Avenue.
Police say the suspects fled Fairway Liquor Mart in a black Mercedes that was stolen in Bridgeport.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Milford police at 203-877-1465.