Police release bodycam footage of Westport congressional candidate's arrest

Police have released exclusive body cam footage from the arrest of a congressional candidate from Westport.
The footage shows Timothy Justin Elgin, 30, being arrested at his Robert Lane home over two weeks ago. A neighbor called police saying a man who was believed to be intoxicated woke him up yelling and kicking at the door.
When police arrived, they found Elgin's fiancee in a car with blood on her hands. Elgin claims he was banging on the door to wake his grandmother because he didn't have his keys.
Elgin says he is planning to file an excessive force complaint against Westport police following his encounter. He says he is still trying to retain a lawyer.
Police maintain they acted appropriately.
"That incident was reviewed independent of any complaint being made again, which is something I can't stress enough, and there was no issue found there with the use of force by the officers," says Westport Police Lt. Anthony Prezioso.
Elgin plans to challenge Rep. Jim Himes for his congressional seat. He has been arraigned and is due back in court next month.