Police: Man brandishing knife arrested for shoplifting at TJ Maxx

A Bridgeport man is accused of brandishing a knife after he was caught shoplifting at the TJ Maxx in Fairfield, according to police.
Police say that around 2 p.m. Friday, 48-year-old Luis Morales was caught shoplifting about $311 worth of merchandise. Police say that he asked for a glass of water when confronted, pulled out a small knife and then ran from the store.
Police were able to chase Morales down and arrest him. He was apparently already out on patrol for a previous offense.
Customers say the store made an announcement about the incident and people either ran out of the store or hid and took cover. Police say that a customer did fall and hit her head during the commotion, but is expected to be OK. No other injuries were reported.
Police say that Morales was complaining about chest pains during this arrest and was taken to the hospital.
A spokesperson for TJ Maxx said in a statement, “The safety of our customers and associates is a top priority. We are aware of this incident and are cooperating with law enforcement.”