Police: Stamford substitute teacher overpaid by $54K, refused to return money

Police say they have arrested a woman who was overpaid as a substitute teacher in 2022 by more than $54,000 and refused to return the money.
Shalyn Coley, 24, was hired to work at Stamford Public Schools on Nov. 20, 2020. At the time of this incident her pay rate was $105 per day.
During the pay period of Oct. 31, 2022 and Nov. 13, 2022, police say Coley worked two days and was mistakenly paid $27,300 per day by the City of Stamford Payroll department. After taxes a total of $27,111.03 was deposited into Coley's bank account.
Police say there were email communications between Coley and Stamford Public Schools officials, in which the substitute said she contacted her bank, and they would not allow her to reverse the deposit. Coley also stated that the city had to reverse the transaction on their end.
Both Coley and the district came to an agreement, police said, for Coley to drop off a check for the amount she was mistakenly paid, but she allegedly never did. Investigators say they were provided with a copy of a certified letter demanding repayment from Coley, which was sent back marked returned to sender.
On Jan. 31, a judge granted police a search warrant for Coley's bank records. Authorities say the results found the balance of the account at $19,863.89 on Feb. 8, which police say was seized promptly.
Police say from the date of the deposit and from the time the search warrant had been issued, there had been more than 100 transactions listed on the account.
Coley was charged with larceny in the first degree, according to police.