Police: Vehicle stolen in Fairfield found in Derby; accomplice car found in Bridgeport

Police say they have located a car that was stolen in Fairfield, as well as an accomplice vehicle in Bridgeport.
Two juveniles were taken into custody Tuesday and charged for the possession of the stolen vehicle in Bridgeport, according to police.
The incident happened Monday around 6:30 p.m. outside of 16 Handles in downtown Fairfield.
Police say a couple parked their car along the Post Road while they went to make a purchase at a store nearby.
A teen was sitting inside of the car when they say an unknown man came up to the vehicle and demanded the teen get out.
Police say when the teen got out of the car, the vehicle took off and was followed by a black Dodge Charger, the accomplice vehicle.
Police say detectives initially located the stolen car in Bridgeport, but they lost sight of the car and eventually found it abandoned in Derby.
Police say the teen involved in the carjacking was not hurt. They say that as per state law, he was old enough to be left in the car unattended.