Police warn of increase in bicycle thefts across Nassau

Police are warning residents about an increase in bicycle thefts throughout Nassau County.
Cindy Shannon, of Malverne, rides her bike every day and says she is not surprised to learn of the uptick in bike thefts in the area.
She says it's important for bikers to have the appropriate locks.
"If I'm going to be in a store for a longer period of time, is your basic cable lock that you put through the rear wheels, the frame of the bicycle, as well as on the bike rack," Shannon says.
Others like Alan Tankoos, who is part of the Long Island Bicycle Club, say they don't really leave their bicycles unattended because they start around $2,000.
"People with the higher end bikes really keep an eye on it - and we don't really leave them unattended," Tankoos says.
He says cyclists don't like the extra weight of bikes locks, so they have to pay extra attention if they leave their bike anywhere.
Riders say simple things to make it more difficult for a grab and steal operation include attaching your helmet through the bike.
Officials offered some tips, such as locking the bikes to an immovable object and storing bikes in garages or inside if possible. Riders are asked to report stolen bicycles to the police to help track them down.