Rare video: Bobcat and kittens caught on camera at Westport Astronomical Society

A bobcat and her kittens were recently caught on camera at the Westport Astronomical Society – part of a trend in sightings in the Westport area over the past 10-15 years, experts say.
"You never see the babies so this was news," said Kevin Green with the Westport Astronomical Society.
Green says security cameras captured the family's walk through the grass. He says he's seen lots of animals roaming this property.
"We're surrounded by lots that are filled with vegetation. This is a place where you would expect to see a lot of wild animals," said Green.
Animal control says it saw an even bigger bobcat across town. Joseph Saponare says it’s one of the biggest bobcats he's ever seen in over 20 years on the job.
"They're searching for food. They've been finding food sources closer and closer like this last sighting across from Longshore Country Club," said Saponare.
Westport Animal Control says it's also seeing a lot of coyotes in the area. It says that coyotes and bobcats are really not a danger to humans but they certainly could be to pets.
Anyone who comes across a bobcat or coyote should call Westport Animal Control at 203-341-5076.