Popular Monroe eatery Roberto's to no longer serving on Tuesday's

The weekend calls for many to dine out, but one of the most well-known establishments in Monroe says it's been forced to stop business one of the days during the week.
Roberto's, which has been in Monroe for over 30 years, will be closed on Tuesday's. The change comes because of the restaurant's banquet hall not drumming up business, Jimmy Monslave says.
"It's very hard to find employees," said Monslave. "It's very hard to find people to work."
Roberto's, which stayed open during the pandemic, says it went from a staff of 40 down to 12. The owners said workers were able to collect extended unemployment benefits, but some are refusing to go back to work until they get better pay and benefits.
The Connecticut Restaurant Assocation says 600 restaurants have had to close since the pandemic. One that closed recently was Testo's Greenfield Hill Deli in Fairfield, which went through a staffing problem and admitted that getting supplies has been a challenge.
"Over 75% of the restaurants said their sales were down and their costs were up," said Scott Dolch, a representative from the Connectiuct Restaurant Association.
Roberto’s says it hasn't had trouble getting food and supplies, but it's costing two or three times more to get them.
"How we gonna survive?," Monslave also noted. "We just keep doing what we've been doing. We keep putting out a good product, good food and thanks to all our customers, our reputation is still there. So I think that's the way we gonna survive."
Roberto’s says it doesn't expect to close any other days.The restaurant says its take out and family meals really helped business in the winter months.