Possible 'political payback' leaves Teddy Balkind Bill in limbo

Tensions are starting to mount as the Connecticut legislative session gets ready to close Wednesday night.
"We're all tired. We work really hard. There's going to be disagreements among chambers," said Connecticut Speaker of the House Matt Ritter.
The Teddy Balkind bill that would have permitted a study into the pros and cons of requiring student hockey players to wear neck guards is now in limbo over what some politicians are calling spite.
State representatives say the state Senate sent the bill back to a legislative committee Friday because the House fixed a top Senate bill.
"For this type of political action to be done on a bill that was meant to save lives is extremely upsetting and disappointing," said House Rep. Tom O'Dea from New Canaan.
Six House bills were recommitted, which state representatives say hasn't happened in nearly two decades.
News 12 Connecticut wanted to know why Senate Democrats made the last-minute move. But so far, they haven't responded to multiple requests for comment.
Meantime, the Teddy Balkind bill could still be tacked on to another bill and possibly be heard this week.
The Saint Luke's School hockey player died during a game when an opposing player's skate accidentally cut his neck.
The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference already requires neck guards for public schools, but private schools and some youth hockey leagues do not.\