Power outages, tree damage possible this weekend in tri-state area

As this weekend's coastal storm develops into Tropical Storm Ophelia, wind impacts will overspread the entire tri-state area beginning Friday night.
The windswept rain with windy conditions all day long could contribute to isolated power outages and downed tree limbs, with the highest chance along the coast. Gusts are expected to be over 40 mph along the Jersey Shore and parts of Long Island throughout much of Saturday. The rest of the tri-state is likely to see gusts of over 30 mph all day.
The blustery conditions will continue even after the heaviest of the rain departs late Saturday. Frequent gusts of 20 to 30-plus mph will continue all the way through Sunday night.
It is best to stay home this weekend, especially during the heaviest rain Saturday morning and early afternoon. The high wind combined with heavy rain will cause windswept rain that will reduce visibility and travel conditions. Crosswinds through bridges and overpasses will also contribute to hazardous driving conditions.
There are also several precautions you should take to ensure everyone is safe and prepared this weekend. Aside from avoiding travel, make sure to secure any loose items. Whether it is plants or trash bins, secure or move these items inside. Also, if possible, move your parked car away from under power lines or large trees. While downed power lines and tree limbs are only going to be isolated, it is better to be safe than sorry during a coastal storm with nor'easter-like impacts.
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