Power & Politics: Connecticut’s top political stories of 2023

As News 12 gets ready to put the wraps on 2023, let's take a look back at the top political stories in the state this year. Gayle Alberda, political science professor at Fairfield University and a former GOP political strategist, joins Eric Landskroner to discuss their picks.
Also, a bipartisan victory lap in Hartford as lawmakers celebrate the largest income tax cut in state history that takes effect at the beginning of January. House Minority Leader Vin Candelora joins the show.
And new developments in the Bridgeport ballot box scandal. The State Elections Enforcement Commission has launched two new investigations. In one complaint, a voter claims a ballot was left in his mailbox directing him to vote for Mayor Joe Ganim. The other complaint is aimed at Ganim's opponent John Gomes. It says a video shows Gomes' supporters also stuffed absentee ballot boxes.
The primary election redo is slated for Jan. 23.