Premier Lacrosse League to come to Fairfield University this weekend

Lacrosse is a very popular sport in Fairfield County, so when a professional league was looking for a place to showcase the sport, the area was one of the first places they thought of.
The Premier Lacrosse League is coming to Rafferty Stadium at Fairfield University this weekend. The league touts the best players in the country. The eight-team league tours the nation.
Former New Canaan High School lacrosse star Andy Towers coaches one of the teams and knows bringing elite lacrosse to Rafferty Stadium is a smart move.
"It’s been a staple of the environment for you know 40-50 years and it makes sense that you would bring the sport played at the highest level by the best players in the world to a hot bed area," said Towers.
Norwalk's Brent Adams is playing this weekend. His former coach at Fairfield University, Andy Copelan, will be on hand coaching the Waterdogs.
"He's done an unbelievable job. He's a really smart guy, he's a really good guy. And I think the men on his team really respond to his approach," said Towers.
Teams in the league currently aren't affiliated with any one city, but Towers thinks if that changes, Fairfield could be in the mix.
"I could see Fairfield absolutely being a city that they would attach a franchise to," said Towers.
Two games will be played on both Saturday and Sunday at Rafferty Stadium. Tickets can be purchased here.
Fairfield had a team a few years ago in Major League Lacrosse called the Connecticut Hammerheads.