President Biden addresses pandemic, inflation, voting rights as he marks 1st year in office

President Joe Biden held a news conference Wednesday on his 365th day in office to reflect on the first year of his presidency.
Before he took questions from reporters, Biden spent some time reflecting on some of the biggest challenges his administration has had to tackle over the past year.
On COVID-19, the president said the country is in a better place than it was a year ago for fighting the pandemic, with over 200 million Americans vaccinated and new drugs for treating the virus.
He also addressed the record inflation we're seeing right now. Biden put pressure on the Federal Reserve to scale back its stimulus of the economy to help ease prices.
Biden also took tough questions from reporters on his legislative agenda, in a week when the voting rights and social spending bills the president has been fighting for appear dead in Congress.
He says those proposals are popular with Americans.
"The American people overwhelmingly agree with me on prescription drugs. They overwhelmingly agree with me on the cost of education. They overwhelmingly agree with me on early education. I can go on the list, on child care. And so, we just have to make the case what we're for and what the other team's not for," Biden said.
Reporters also asked the president about Russian military buildup on the country's border with Ukraine. The president said any Russian aggression will have economic consequences.