‘Problematic’ tree clearing irks neighbors in Westport

Westport neighbors say they were saddened and outraged after a real estate developer cleared trees from a lot on Pequot Trail.
Some went as far as posting signs that said “tree killer” onto the logo of Coastal Luxury Homes outside the lot. The company says whoever posted signs is guilty of trespassing and vandalism.
Monica Buesser, chair of the Westport Tree Board, says the local tree warden couldn't have stopped trees from being removed. She hopes developers can maintain the character of the neighborhood.
"You can't replace a mature tree in a year. You can't replace it in two years. It's like 20 years,” she said. “…The idea that they've taken all the mature trees off this lot and other lots, not just this one developer, is very problematic."
Buesser is urging neighbors who have a problem with clear-cutting to contact their RTM representatives.
The lot is owned by a Westport couple after a private sale.