Protesters plead with Stamford to reopen Glenbrook Community Center

A protest was held Wednesday in Stamford, where people pleaded with the city to reopen the Glenbrook Community Center.
There's currently a proposal in place to convert it to a 51-unit affordable housing apartment building.
Protesters say the building, which is around the corner on Crescent Street, is one of the last standing historic buildings in the area.
Many say the center has been a long-standing staple in the community, providing one of the largest day cares and AA classes in the area.
They protested outside the Union Memorial Church saying the building brought people together and is now dividing people.
Some residents opposed to the proposal say they understand the need for affordable housing, but it should not be at the cost of the community center.
Mayor Caroline Simmons says she is embracing the proposal. She says the facade of the building would remain and there would also be 3,000 square-feet of community space to the public.