Psychiatrists meet at Yale, claim President Trump is mentally ill

A group of psychiatrists meeting at Yale Thursday says President Donald Trump is so mentally unstable that he's unfit for office.
The bold, controversial claim is based on the group's belief that Trump has more than one mental disorder -- including antisocial personality disorder and extreme narcissism.
The doctors are not all from Yale. They came from around the country. 
"We have an ethical responsibility to warn the public about Donald Trump's dangerous mental illness," said Dr. John Gartner.
The group has already collected 41,000 signatures calling for President Trump's removal.
They face some criticism from other experts who say it is dangerous to diagnose someone without meeting or treating them in person.
The psychiatrists at the meeting disagree. They argue that Trump has made so many public statements, gone on so many Twitter rants and voiced so many conspiracy theories that the diagnosis is obvious.