Westport officials host public safety meeting amid uptick in car break-ins, thefts

Westport officials held a public safety meeting Wednesday evening after carjackers were caught on video beating a man in his garage before taking off in his Aston Martin.
The focus of the meeting was what vehicle owners can do to prevent car thefts, as well as what local police are doing.
Police are urging residents to lock their cars and hide their valuables, but also noted Sunday's crime was a new level.
One teenager has been arrested for strangulation, burglary, assault and other charges. The car was recovered at the home of 39-year-old Derrick McGill. His charges include larceny and operating a chop shop.
Police said Wednesday at the forum the investigation is in its infancy, and they expect several more arrests.
Police said that changes with the juvenile justice system to be more reformative have caused a limitation in the work they can do in some instances, although they also noted the teenager arrested for Sunday’s carjacking remains in custody and will be charged as an adult.
This is not the only attempted vehicle theft in the area recently. Video from the Auto Spa of Fairfield shows an attempted carjacking on the Post Road in Southport Friday afternoon.
The owner of the Auto Spa says another one of his clients had his vehicle stolen from his driveway last month while unloading packages.