Pump Patrol: Gas prices spike - How to get the most out of your fuel tank

A barrel of U.S. benchmark crude oil shot past $100 last week after Russia invaded Ukraine. Natural gas prices also soared, even as operators said pipelines functioned as usual.
Fears of a supply interruption have sent gas prices spiking in the United States.
News 12’s Virginia Huie was at a Speedway gas station in Hicksville on Saturday morning where the price for a gallon of regular gasoline was $4.19.
While drivers can't control prices, there are ways you can stretch the dollars you spend on fuel:
Minimize drag.
Drag reduces fuel efficiency. Driving with the windows open, using roof-or-rear-mounted racks and carrying heavy loads in the trunk increase vehicle drag and can reduce a typical car's fuel economy by as much as 5%.
Keep tires properly inflated.
Underinflated tires can decrease your gas mileage by approximately 3%
Consolidate trips.
Combining errands into one trip saves you time and money.
Drive sensibly.
Aggressive driving, including rapid acceleration, braking, and speeding wastes gas.