Quick Tip: Under the Sea Cupcakes

Owner and chef Sabrina DiMare Taylor and chef Mary Gutierrez at DiMare Pastry Shop show Tina Redwine how to make summer inspired dessert dishes.
Cupcake Mix:
You can go the your local grocery store and buy a premade cake mix (whatever flavor you like) and follow the instructions on the box or you can make them from scratch. (You can find easy recipes online.)
Instead of putting your cake batter into a cake pan, put into cupcake liners in a cupcake pan. Follow baking instructions. Allow your cupcakes to cool before putting frosting on.
Like your cupcake mix, you can find icing in the same isle at your local grocery store.If you want to do a different color, you can add food coloring and mix it until you get desired color. You can buy piping bags and a piping tube at your grocery store or Michaels.
With a spatula, stir icing until it is smooth. Once it is smooth, with your spatula, put it into icing bag and in a clockwise rotation frost your cupcake starting from the out, in.
Once your cupcake is iced, you can sprinkle a bit of brown sugar to make it look like a sand.
You can purchase sixlets (chocolate) online or at Party City and Michaels, and garnish the cupcake with a couple to make it look like pearls.
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