Quinnipiac poll reveals voters would like to see age limits placed on presidential candidates

According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, roughly 6 in 10 American voters express support for implementing age limits on presidential candidates.
The poll found 61% of voters support a maximum age limit to be eligible to run for president, while 34% of voters do not back the idea.
Here is a breakdown of responses:
  • 30% of voters believe 70 years old should be the maximum age limit.
  • 19% advocate for a limit of 75 years old.
  • 5% said 80 years old should be the limit
  • 2% said 85 years old.  
  • 34% of voters do not support the imposition of an age limit.
The proposal garners bipartisan backing, with 60% of Democrats and 57% of Republicans in favor. Additionally, 66% of independents express support for an age cap.