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Real Deal: Budget booze to consider buying in the month of February

From whisky to wine, alcohol prices have seen a sharp increase but there are budget-friendly alternative brands to help quench consumers.

News 12 Staff

Feb 3, 2023, 11:06 AM

Updated 504 days ago


With 'Dry January' behind us, increased alcohol prices in February may come as a sobering reminder of economic troubles to many.
Anthony Taveras, owner of Danbury Road Wine and Spirits in Wilton, says there are ways to still enjoy that favorite drink on a budget.
Whisky drinkers who enjoy Macallan Cask 12 Single Malt Scotch may be aware that the bottle now costs almost $80. A budget-friendly alternative is Glen Turner 12-year-old with a price point of $36.99.
If margaritas and tequila are your drink of choice, then you may have noticed that a bottle of Patron is going to ring up about $50. 
A budget-friendly alternative is Espolòn Tequila for about $26.99.
Ciroc is a really popular brand of good quality vodka from France, but the only thing is you're paying $30 for a bottle, Taveras says.
He suggests Monkey Paradise vodka, which is half the price and may even be better.
"Ciroc is 5 times distilled. Monkey Paradise vodka is 7 times distilled," Taveras says.
A glass of wine could put you on cloud nine for the right price. "The Louie bottle goes between $40-$45," Taveras says.
How about a bottle of Roth Estate cabernet instead? It's a 2018 Cab from the same area and will only cost $24.99.

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