Redding sisters born 4 years apart on Christmas  

The holidays were extra special for Bruce and Lauren Bartlett from Redding.
Baby Kinsley was due on Dec. 20. but arrived at Danbury Hospital early Christmas morning. 
The birth occurred on the same day that four years earlier, her big sister Celeste was born.
"Very very unlikely. We really did not plan this at all, so it was a surprise for us," said Bruce Bartlett.
"I wanted her to be born on my birthday," said Celeste.
When asked what she thinks of her little sister Celeste said, 'I love her. I love her so much!'"
"She helps feed her, she sings her lullabies all the time. It's heartwarming.  It's really beautiful to watch. We'll see how it goes a few years from now once Kinsley knows when her birthday is," said Bruce Bartlett.
The odds of siblings being born on the same day in different years is less than 1%.