Reports: Catalytic converter thefts skyrocket in some Connecticut towns

Catalytic converter thefts are skyrocketing in some areas of Connecticut. Data obtained by News 12 from local police departments reveals some of the numbers have already doubled from last year's incidents.
The numbers show many towns and cities in the area are not immune to this problem, and a lot of times catalytic converter thefts are even happening in broad daylight.
News 12 obtained data, which shows cities and towns in the area saw large increases in catalytic converter thefts.
Greenwich reported 41 cases this year, Stamford 149 cases and Milford 414.
AAA says they're seeing a lot of older vehicles being targeted, which end up not having full insurance coverage.
"It is definitely worth making a call to your insurance company," said Alec Slatky, of AAA Connecticut. "This would usually fall under the comprehensive coverage, so those non-collision events that are out of your control, and that's something we really recommend folks get."
Police departments are saying these incidents are difficult to prevent, but many people still are looking for what they can do to stop this from happening.
David Shufelt, owner of Shufelt's Garage in Norwalk, says since November, nearly a dozen of his customers were victims of the theft. He suggests parking your car in a well-lit garage.
"The best way to prevent someone from stealing your catalytic converter is to make sure you can hear at night time where your car is, because the amount of noise it takes to cut through a pipe, you know, an exhaust pipe with a Sawzall, is considerable," said Shufelt.
Mechanics also say to be extra cautious if someone does get their catalytic converter stolen, and then replaced, thieves might target them again as it is easier to detach a new converter than an old one.