Republican Bob Stefanowski looks to face off against Lamont in governor race again

A familiar opponent wants to take on Gov. Ned Lamont in the upcoming gubernatorial race.
Bob Stefanowski wants a rematch. Gov. Ned Lamont narrowly beat him four years ago, and Stefanowski says this year will be very different.
"I'm going to be a much better candidate this time," said Stefanowski.
The GOP candidate for governor says he is no longer a one trick pony.
"I've got a much better appreciation of the issues than I did last time around and a much better set of solutions," said Stefanowski.
He still wants to cut taxes and crack down on crime, and he says Lamont's COVID emergency powers have got to end.
"We've gotten $6 billion of funding from the feds, and people are waiting in line for a simple home test," Stefanowski said.
Stefanowski also wants to hire an inspector general to audit every state agency.
When it comes to school mask mandates, Stefanowski does not believe they should be implemented at the state level.
"I don't think they should be mandated at the state level," he said. "I think it should be left up to the local communities and their school board."
Stefanowski agrees with Gov. Lamont that schools should not have a remote learning option. Thousands of parents and teachers have signed an online petition asking for the option amid the Omicron surge.
Lamont says he's ready to run on his record.
"Taking care of business and doing what I was hired to do. We're in a very different place...than we were, you know, three years ago when we were facing chronic fiscal deficits," the governor said.
An October Sacred Heart poll gave Lamont a 50% approval rating, down slightly from earlier in 2021. The same poll gave Stefanowski a commanding lead over fellow Republican Themis Klarides, but 40% of Republicans are still undecided.
Stefanowski isn't taking any chances though. He's already pouring $10 million into the race.
"This is $10 million of Amy's (his wife) and my money. We're going to be aggressively fundraising," said Stefanowski.
One thing is certain, this race will be expensive. Lamont is a multimillionaire and just like last time, he's wiling to spend his own fortune to win.
You can see News 12 Connecticut's John Craven's full interview with Bob Stefanowski this weekend on Connecticut Power and Politics.