Researchers at Yale Fertility Center work on test to identify miscarriage the day it happens

Researchers at the Yale Fertility Center are working on new ways to help families facing multiple miscarriages.
Alina Gonzalez is one of many women for whom fertility issues didn't mean trouble conceiving.
"I do have one daughter, I should have three. And I do think of that quite often," said Gonzalez. "I actually became pregnant quite quickly, and unfortunately that pregnancy did not last."
Gonzalez says doctors detected something wrong with her first pregnancy after 10 weeks. She didn't know she had lost the baby until after 12 weeks.
"Going into the ultrasound and having the doctor say there was no heartbeat. It broke me," she said.
Now, doctors at Yale Medicine are working on a new test they say can identify a miscarriage the very same day.
"It provides pretty much an immediate answer that can relieve a lot of the stress that's going to come later," said Dr. Reshef Tal from Yale Fertility Center.
Federal dollars are funding a study into couples who have had multiple miscarriages to try to find the genetic factors at work. Doctors say over half the time they do not know why recurrent miscarriages happen.
Yale Fertility specialists say knowing what to look for will help pick the right embryos for in vitro fertilization and plan treatments going forward.
Yale Fertility specialists say one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage - usually during the first 12 weeks.