Resident blames housing authority for moldy mess

A Schley Avenue resident is fed up with the disrepair of his apartment and believes the New York City Housing Authority is to blame.
According to Robert Williams, water has been seeping through his walls for the past six years. He claims the water has caused the formation of mold and mildew in his apartment. He also says a certified mold expert sampled the apartment and found that some of the nine types of mold are carcinogens.Despite numerous inspections of his apartment, Williams says he has been told there is no contractor available to make the proper repairs. He states that despite two walls being replaced in 2004, the building never received the exterior repairs, resulting in continued water leakage.Williams says he is only one of many residents who have been affected by the lack of help. Williams also claims the NYCHA is currently suing a former contractor over work done on Throgs Neck houses, yet it has still not done the necessary work to his building.