Residents enjoy night out in Huntington ahead of weekend nor'easter

The incoming nor'easter did not stop people from heading out Friday evening.
People in Huntington went out to dinner before being stuck inside their houses on Saturday.
"People are definitely trying to get their last licks in before whatever happens tomorrow," says Frank Antonetti, owner of The Rust and Gold.
He says they want to make sure everybody gets fed during the storm and will probably even be open on Saturday.
Huntington Supervisor Ed Smyth says there is no shortage of supplies and that they are ready for whatever comes.
"From a Highway Department and storm preparation standpoint, supply chain of salt has been excellent," Smyth says. "We've had not shortage of salt as you can see in the barn behind us. We have it all on hand and distributed out to the truck as we speak."
Superintendent of Highways Andre Sorrentino is telling people to stay off the roads and to park their cars in the driveway.
"Please let us do our job," Sorrentino says.
They are also urging everyone keep themselves visible to snowplow drivers and to clear any debris out of the roadway so plows can get it easily.