Retired Greenwich officer and four-legged friend teach healthy eating to kids

A retired Greenwich police officer is teaming up with her four-legged friend to teach kids about healthy eating and let them know not to judge a book by it’s cover. 
Former Greenwich police officer Shirley Rylett says forced medical retirement from the force came as a shock. 
“It was just like that, for me I felt like I lost everything,” says Rylett. 
Inspiration for her next chapter was standing next to her the whole time. 
Oso is a 2-years-old, 115-pound Rottweiler with a lesson to teach kids.
Rylett’s new children’s book, “Cooking off with a Cucumber,” is aimed at making healthier options look more appealing to children.
“Instead of snacks, French fries or chips, they can probably choose something refreshing and crunchy as a cucumber,” says Rylett.
Rylett says Oso’s unique diet makes him perfect for teaching kids important lessons about eating healthy, while his charming personality makes him perfect for teaching kids about judging a book by its cover. 
"Cooling off with a Cucumber" will be released on April 11.